Freelance 2D Character Animator Wanted!

We are seeking a Freelance 2D Character Animator !

Our project is a funded and in-development game for PC, Web and Android devices.


The main TASK:

We will provide you with an already-made production-ready character that has been boned (has a skeleton) using Anima2D. and timeline. Your job will be to animate a variety of motions for the character, using Unity’s Animation Timeline, following proper standards for professional, production-ready character animations, while not breaking the character’s established hierarchy.

There will be 2 main characters to animate.

The characters will populate an isometric environment following a 2:1 width to height ratio. Animations therefore will require two variations each: One angled down-right (front view) and one angled up-right (back view of character).

There are approximately 30 motions to create, most of them looping in nature. We estimate approximately 30 minutes for simple motions to a max of 2 hours will be required per animation.


Example motions we will need:

  • walk cycle (isometric, angled to up/right)
  • walk cycle (isometric, angled to down/right)
  • Idle
  • A variety of dancing sequences
  • etc


Applicant must provide samples that YOU have hand-animated from scratch using a skeletal + IK + timeline + keyframes tool.

We will be using Anima2D but experience with other similar tools are welcome, as the workflow will be similar. Please state your preferred tool(s) and experience level.

We are using Unity3D version 2018.3.x

Your task would begin in mid to late April 2019 and should be completed within 2 to 3 weeks time.

*WARNING* : Our characters may include some “R”rated adult content (nudity). If this is a potential issue or “trigger” for you, please do not apply.


A candidate has been selected.
Thank you for your interest. We would still like to see your work, so feel free to send us a link to your portfolio!


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