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"It’s better to make something a small number of people love than something a large number of people don’t care about."

Cracky Egg

Available: Now  Price: Free

Get a head start on Easter egg collecting with Cracky Egg Easter Fun!

Click, match, crack and collect! Collect the easter eggs by matching them by color and design. It seems easy but it’s a challenge to clear them all!

Fun for kids and adults. Fans of Spore Cubes will feel right at home.

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Spore Cubes FREE

Available: Now  Price: Free

A 100 percent FREE version of the classic web game for your mobile phone and tablet.

Same addictive gameplay as the full version will have you hooked and coming back daily. It’s the perfect little time waster for your morning commute, daily brain training, or that spare five minutes while you microwave a hot pocket!

It’s available now for Apple iOS, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Google Android smartphones and tablets. Or try the 3-level online web game version at (Adobe Flash plugin required)

Spore Cubes

Available: Now  Price: $0.99

The classic web game that captivated millions with its addictive and deceptively simple gameplay gets an updated modern look in a form you can carry: On your smartphone and tablet!

Features a simple play mechanic that’s easy to play but difficult to master. Click colored cubes to match and destroy groups of the same color until the entire playfield has been cleared! It’s easy to play but difficult to master and will keep you coming back to this same game for “just one more try!”

– 5 skill levels to keep your brain trained and challenged.

– A high score table tracks your best score in each level.

It’s available now for iOS, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Google Android smartphones and tablets. Or try the 3-level online web game version at (Adobe Flash plugin required)

Tricky Treats

Available: Now  Price: Free

Tricky Treats is not your typical tile matching game, this Halloween sliding match-3 has you race to collect candy before you run out of magic. Quick thinking and a fast finger are required as you slide rows and columns matching beautiful flat design icons in 3, 4 or 5 of the same icons. Regenerate your magic power through matches and conjure up candy to collect! Strategy and speed are key!

Tricky Treats will be completely free and will be available soon for Apple iOS, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Google Android smartphones and tablets.

Holiday Magic

Available: Now  Price: Free

Out now! A simplified sliding match-5 puzzle game with beautiful flat design icons.

Similar to Tricky Treats Halloween game, this puzzler has you sliding icons vertically and horizontally, matching three, four and five of the same icon to replenish the decreasing Magic meter. Threes give a little magic, fours give more and fives give a lot, but five of a kind also generates a gift icon!

Match the gifts to open them and increase your score. Only gifts count, adding to the strategy of how you play; Do you make matches of 3 and 4 to keep from running out of magic? Or do you go for 5 and risk running out? How many gifts can you conjure up and collect?

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Heart Throbs - a Spore Cubes love affair

Heart Throbs

Available: Now  Price: Free

Hey Spore Cubes lovers, we have a valentine’s day gift just for you: HEART THROBS, a spore cubes love affair, is a sequel of sorts to your favorite cube-popping game. Dressed up in a new romantic look, with 6 new challenging levels, you’ll fall in love with it all over again!

Download it now for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets!

Download Heart Throbs mobile casual game app on the Apple AppStore
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New game coming soon

New Game!

We are busy putting together something new and shiny! Check back with us or follow us on social media to get notified as soon as we’ve got something to show off and talk about!

online games

Spore Cubes Web

A modern update to the classic Flash game. Play 3 different skill levels, with brand new graphics, sound and smooth animations. Now with a high score table.

Play it now over at (Adobe Flash plugin required)

Professor Sauernoggin & the Landfill of Doom

This side-scrolling arcade adventure was produced by Spore Productions and designed/developed by Gaming Your Way for our client Candy Dynamics (Toxic Waste brand candy). Hop your way through several levels, cleaning up the environment and collecting secret codes with the help of your trusty lab-rat assistant.


Unscramble photo puzzles. Features different celebrity images and multiple difficulty puzzle sizes.

Snap Shotz

The classic game of Photo Hunt. Find the differences in two seemingly identical photographs.

Marble Solitaire

Classic brain training game to improve your IQ. Jump marbles to eliminate them and finish with only one left.

Word Race

Race against the clock to unscramble words in various theme categories.